Current Openings for District 4

You may apply for an open board or commission position, provided that you represent the constituency associated with the vacancy. More information on each board and commission can be found by selecting the Board or Commission name in the table below. To view a listing of all vacancies, visit the Boards and Commissions current openings page.

If you need additional information or to have an application mailed to you, please contact us at (415) 473-7331 or send us an email.

Board/CommissionDesignationCurrent MemberExpirationAppt. ByApplic. Due By
CSA #33 (Stinson Beach) District 4 *Vacancy*  BOSopen
CSA #33 (Stinson Beach) District 4 *Vacancy*  BOSopen
CSA #33 (Stinson Beach) District 4 *Vacancy*  BOSopen
FCZ #10 (Inverness) District 4 *Vacancy* 10/16/2020BOSopen
FCZ #10 (Inverness) District 4 *Vacancy*  BOSopen
Integrated Pest Management (IPM) Commission District 4 At-Large Susan Hopp 03/15/2020BOS 
Measure A Community Oversight Committee At-Large Robert Berner 01/28/2020BOS1/3/2020
Women's Commission District 4 *Vacancy* 06/30/2022BOS1/3/2020

Total number of openings as of 1/20/2020: 8.