District 1 Appointments to Boards and Commissions

Board/CommissionCurrent MemberExpirationLast AppointedAppt. ByStatusTerm
Aging, Commission on Chrisula Asimos 06/30/202106/30/2018BOSActive3 years
Aging, Commission on Diana Lopez 06/30/202006/20/2017BOSActive3 years
CSA #18 (Las Gallinas) Joyce Clements 02/13/202002/02/2018BOSActive2 years
CSA #18 (Las Gallinas) Gina Hagen 05/21/202105/23/2019BOSActive2 years
CSA #18 (Las Gallinas) Linda Levey 03/20/202003/18/2018BOSActive2 years
CSA #18 (Las Gallinas) Ellen Stein 11/14/201911/14/2017BOSActive2 years
CSA #18 (Las Gallinas) Karen Thompson 06/20/201906/20/2017BOSActive2 years
CSA #6 (Gallinas Creek) William Adkison  07/26/2011BOSActive3 to 5 years
CSA #6 (Gallinas Creek) Marlene Braverman  03/01/2011BOSActive3 to 5 years
CSA #6 (Gallinas Creek) Bob Haar  03/24/2009BOSActive3 to 5 years
CSA #6 (Gallinas Creek) Kenneth King  07/27/2010BOSActive3 to 5 years
CSA #6 (Gallinas Creek) Ellen Stein  09/13/2016BOSActive3 to 5 years
Cultural Services Commission Christopher Owen 02/05/202302/05/2019BOSActive 4 years for District appointees
Disaster Council Frank Cox 02/13/202002/09/2018BOSActive2 years
FCZ #6 (Rafael Meadows) *Vacancy*   BOSVacant4 year review
FCZ #6 (Rafael Meadows) Marianne Nannestad 04/05/202004/05/2016BOSActive4 year
FCZ #6 (Rafael Meadows) Wayne Rayburn 04/05/202004/05/2016BOSActive4 year
FCZ #7 (Santa Venetia) Jacqueline Garcia 11/15/202012/06/2016BOSActive4 years
FCZ #7 (Santa Venetia) Russ Greenfield 11/15/202012/06/2016BOSActive4 years
FCZ #7 (Santa Venetia) Alex Kahl 11/15/202001/24/2017BOSActive4 years
FCZ #7 (Santa Venetia) Roger Kirk 11/15/202003/07/2017BOSActive4 years
FCZ #7 (Santa Venetia) Jeffrey D. Krupnick 11/15/202012/06/2016BOSActive4 years
Human Rights Commission Gina Fromer 08/01/202108/01/2017BOSActive4 years
Human Rights Commission Joan Hanna 08/01/202303/19/2019BOSActive4 years
Integrated Pest Management (IPM) Commission Kraemer Winslow 03/15/202107/16/2019BOSActive2 years
Library Commission Sally Hauser 06/30/202006/20/2017BOSActive3 years
Library Commission Margaret Kathrein 06/30/202106/30/2018BOSActive3 years
Library Commission Linda Ward 06/30/202206/30/2019BOSActive3 years
Planning Commission David Paoli 01/31/202301/27/2019BOSActive4 years
Women's Commission *Vacancy* 06/30/2020 BOSVacant3 years
Women's Commission Kate Byrne 06/30/202206/30/2019BOSActive3 years
Youth Commission Katarina Ament 06/30/201908/08/2018BOSActive1 year
Youth Commission Elliott Scheuer 06/30/201908/07/2018BOSActive1 year
Youth Commission Jordyn Huff 06/30/201908/07/2018BOSActive1 year

The total number of appointments specific to District 1 as of 7/19/2019 is: 34.