District 3 Appointments to Boards and Commissions

Board/CommissionCurrent MemberExpirationLast AppointedAppt. ByStatusTerm
Aging, Commission on Fred Silverman 06/30/201909/20/2016BOSActive3 years
Aging, Commission on Sharon Turner 06/30/201906/21/2016BOSActive3 years
CSA #29 (Paradise Cay) *Vacancy*   BOSVacantThree years
CSA #29 (Paradise Cay) Harry Blake 01/08/202201/05/2019BOSActive3 years
CSA #29 (Paradise Cay) Robert Cerf 01/08/202201/05/2019BOSActive3 years
CSA #29 (Paradise Cay) Pat Lopez 01/10/202001/10/2017BOSActive3 years
CSA #29 (Paradise Cay) Eric Lyons 01/08/202201/05/2019BOSActive3 years
CSA #29 (Paradise Cay) Eugene Royal 01/15/202201/05/2019BOSActive3 years
Cultural Services Commission Donna Seager Liberatore 01/31/202101/31/2017BOSActive4 years
Disaster Council Keith Kennedy 10/17/201910/13/2017BOSActive2 years
FCZ #3 (Richardson Bay) Robert Burton 08/22/202108/22/2017BOSActive4 years
FCZ #3 (Richardson Bay) Kevin Conger 11/01/202011/01/2016BOSActive4 years
FCZ #3 (Richardson Bay) Dan Frost 10/20/201910/20/2015BOSActive4 years
FCZ #3 (Richardson Bay) Garry Lion 04/05/202004/05/2016BOSActive4 years
FCZ #3 (Richardson Bay) Kim Rago 08/22/202108/22/2017BOSActive4 years
FCZ #3 (Richardson Bay) Linda Rames 04/25/202104/25/2017BOSActive4 years
FCZ #4 (Bel Aire-Tiburon) *Vacancy*   BOSVacant4 years.
FCZ #4 (Bel Aire-Tiburon) *Vacancy*   BOSVacant4 years
FCZ #4 (Bel Aire-Tiburon) *Vacancy*   BOSVacant4 years
FCZ #4 (Bel Aire-Tiburon) Timothy Barteau  03/03/2015BOSActive4 year
FCZ #4 (Bel Aire-Tiburon) John Leszczynski  10/02/2012BOSActive4 year
FCZ #4 (Bel Aire-Tiburon) Dianne Newman  04/05/2016BOSActive4 year
FCZ #4 (Bel Aire-Tiburon) Kathryn Oliver  10/02/2012BOSActive4 year
FCZ #4 (Bel Aire-Tiburon) Robert M. Rogers  12/17/1985BOSActive4 year
Human Rights Commission Nancy Johnson 08/01/201907/21/2015BOSActive4 years
Integrated Pest Management (IPM) Commission Kevin Sadlier 03/15/202103/15/2019BOSActive2 years
Library Commission Ann Laner Kaplan 06/30/201906/21/2016BOSActive3 years
Library Commission John MacLeod 06/30/202106/30/2018BOSActive3 years
Library Commission Barbara Schoen 06/30/202006/20/2017BOSActive3 years
Planning Commission John Eller 01/31/202102/14/2017BOSActive4 years
Strawberry Design Review Bd. Julie Brown 03/27/202103/24/2018BOSActive3 years
Strawberry Design Review Bd. Rebecca Lind 04/23/202204/19/2019BOSActive3 years
Strawberry Design Review Bd. Penna Omega 11/07/202011/25/2017BOSActive3 years
Strawberry Design Review Bd. Joe Sherer 06/18/202206/14/2019BOSActive3 years
Strawberry Design Review Bd. Matt Williams 05/09/202005/09/2017BOSActive3 years
Tam Design Review Board Erin Alley 03/01/202109/11/2018BOSActive3 years
Tam Design Review Board doron dreksler 03/01/202203/01/2019BOSActive3 years
Tam Design Review Board Alan Jones 03/01/202203/01/2019BOSActive3 years
Tam Design Review Board Logan Link 03/01/202005/09/2017BOSActive3 years
Women's Commission Sherene Chen 06/30/202007/18/2017BOSActive3 years
Women's Commission Amy Schroeder 06/30/201908/01/2017BOSActive3 years
Youth Commission Adam Guggenheim 06/30/201908/07/2018BOSActive1 year
Youth Commission Julia Scharf 06/30/201908/08/2018BOSActive1 year
Youth Commission Jack Suchodolski 06/30/201908/07/2018BOSActive1 year
Youth Commission Micherice Tao 06/30/201908/08/2018BOSActive1 year

The total number of appointments specific to District 3 as of 6/19/2019 is: 45.