District 4 Appointments to Boards and Commissions

Board/CommissionCurrent MemberExpirationLast AppointedAppt. ByStatusTerm
Aging, Commission on Ralph Marchese 06/30/202006/20/2017BOSActive3 years
Aging, Commission on James Monson 06/30/201906/21/2016BOSActive3 years
Bolinas Lagoon Advisory Council Ralph Camiccia 10/15/202010/18/2016BOSActive4 years
CSA #33 (Stinson Beach) Christopher Fitting 06/01/201906/06/2017BOSActive2 years
CSA #33 (Stinson Beach) Lance Meade 11/07/201911/01/2017BOSActive2 years
CSA #33 (Stinson Beach) Michael Mitchell 11/07/201911/01/2017BOSActive2 years
CSA #33 (Stinson Beach) Ginny Otis 11/07/201911/01/2017BOSActive2 years
CSA #33 (Stinson Beach) Mark White 06/01/201906/06/2017BOSActive2 years
Cultural Services Commission Madeline Nieto Hope 01/31/202101/31/2017BOSActive4 years
Disaster Council Anne Sands 02/13/202002/02/2018BOSActive2 years
FCZ #10 (Inverness) James Fox 10/16/201610/16/2012BOSActive4 years
FCZ #10 (Inverness) John Hope 05/15/201505/17/2011BOSActive4 years
FCZ #10 (Inverness) Donald G. Larkin, Jr. 10/16/202012/06/2016BOSActive4 years
FCZ #3 (Richardson Bay) Charles Oldenburg 11/01/202011/01/2016BOSActive4 years
FCZ #5 (Stinson Beach) Toby Bisson 11/01/202011/01/2016BOSActive4 years
FCZ #5 (Stinson Beach) Barry Harris 11/01/202011/01/2016BOSActive4 years
FCZ #5 (Stinson Beach) Howard Schechter 11/01/202011/01/2016BOSActive4 years
FCZ #5 (Stinson Beach) James Sutton 11/01/202011/01/2016BOSActive4 years
FCZ #5 (Stinson Beach) John Washington 11/01/202012/06/2016BOSActive4 years
Human Rights Commission *Vacancy* 08/01/2019 BOSVacant4 years
Library Commission Tyrone Heath Cannon 06/30/201906/21/2016BOSActive3 years
Library Commission Loretta Farley 06/30/202006/20/2017BOSActive3 years
Library Commission Nick Javaras 06/30/202106/30/2018BOSActive3 years
Planning Commission Christina Desser 01/31/202102/14/2017BOSActive4 years
Tam Design Review Board Andrea Montalbano 03/01/202103/01/2018BOSActive3 years
Women's Commission Kate Byrne 06/20/202006/20/2017BOSActive3 years
Women's Commission Catherine Hargrave 06/30/201905/24/2016BOSActive3 years
Youth Commission Loughlin Browne 06/30/201908/07/2018BOSActive1 year
Youth Commission Diego Chavarria 06/30/201908/08/2018BOSActive1 year
Youth Commission Ruby Raye Clarke 06/30/201908/08/2018BOSActive1 year
Youth Commission Francesca McLaughlin 06/30/201908/07/2018BOSActive1 year
Youth Commission Clarissa Ramirez 06/30/201908/07/2018BOSActive1 year
Youth Commission Abby Smith 06/30/201908/08/2018BOSActive1 year

The total number of appointments specific to District 4 as of 11/15/2018 is: 33.