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Bolinas Lagoon Advisory Council


Bolinas Lagoon Advisory Council
Samantha Haimovitch
Marin County Parks
(415) 419-9051

Administered By

County of Marin


To advise the Board of Supervisors, the Board of Directors of the Marin County Open Space District, and Marin County Parks on the management and ecological restoration of Bolinas Lagoon.

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General knowledge of Bolinas Lagoon and the ecological, recreational and economic functions it serves, and of the lagoon’s relationship to the communities of Bolinas and Stinson Beach. Ability to be an effective liaison between the County of Marin and its residents regarding the restoration and management of Bolinas Lagoon. Knowledge of efforts over the past decade to manage and restore Bolinas Lagoon is preferred but not necessary.

Term Length

4 years

Number of Members

Twelve members as follows: A representative selected by each of the following: Marin County Parks, Golden Gate National Recreation Area, Gulf of the Farallones National Marine Sanctuary and Pt. Reyes National Seashore; a representative nominated by each of the following: Audubon Canyon Ranch, Bolinas Rod & Boat Club, College of Marin, Point Blue (formerly the Point Reyes Bird Observatory), and Seadrift Homeowners Association; plus 3 members appointed by the Board of Supervisors as follows: 1 from the community of Bolinas, 1 from the community of Stinson Beach and 1 At-Large rep. These 3 representatives should reside in Marin County, but need not be county residents if a non-resident's expertise would be beneficial to the council's work.

Reimbursements For Expenses/Per Diem

Beginning October 1, 2022, a stipend will be available for members of boards and commissions who self-certify to household income below the County self-sufficiency standard. For more information or to  apply to the stipend program, see the Board Stipends Program Webpage.

Time and Day of Meetings

The BLAC shall conduct a minimum of two meetings annually, unless the Chair, in consultation with Marin County Parks, determines that additional meetings are useful. For more detailed information, call 473-3745.

How to Apply

Applications may be obtained from the Clerk of the Board of Supervisors, Room 329, Administration Building, Marin Civic Center (415-473-7331), or access the Application online.

Members of this Commission

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