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First 5 Marin Children and Families Commission


First 5 Marin Children and Families Commission
Maria Patricia Niggle
Children & Families Commission
(415) 257-8555

Administered By

First 5 Marin


At a minimum, to adopt a county strategic plan pursuant to Health and Safety Code section 130140(a)(1)(C) for the support and improvement of early childhood development within the County, to annually review the plan and revise as necessary, and to prepare and adopt an annual audit and report for the state and local community.

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Individuals with a professional or personal relationship to children 0-5 years of age who will help enhance the lives of children and their families. Must live or work in Marin County. Must be able to attend evening meetings.

Term Length

2 years

Number of Members

Five to Nine members serving at the pleasure of the Board of Supervisors representing the following: one member from the Board of Supervisors; two members from the Marin County Department of Health & Human Services; the remaining members selected from among professionals, providers and recipients of services for children age 0-5.

Reimbursements For Expenses/Per Diem

Expenses only. No per diem.

Time and Day of Meetings

Second Wednesday evening of the month from 4 to 6 p.m. (except for December, July, and August) at 1050 Northgate Drive, Suite 130, San Rafael

How to Apply

Applications may be obtained from the Clerk of the Board of Supervisors, Room 329, Administration Building, Marin Civic Center (415-473-7331) or access the Application (opens new window) online.

Members of this Commission

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