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Measure A Community Oversight Committee


Measure A Community Oversight Committee
Kevin Wright
Marin County Parks
(415) 497-3553

Administered By

County of Marin


Marin County voters approved the Marin Parks, Open Space and Farmland Preservation Transactions and Use Tax Ordinance (Marin County Ordinance 3586) on November 6, 2012. The Ordinance appeared as Measure "A" on the ballot. The Ordinance generates additional revenues for the purposes described in Exhibit A (Parks, Open Space and Farmland Preservation Expenditure Plan) of Marin County Ordinance 3586. The purpose of the Measure A Community Oversight Committee is to review expenditures of Measure A funds on an annual basis to ensure they conform with the Measure A Expenditure Plan. The duties of the committee are to: (1) review annual expenditures to ensure they conform with the Expenditure Plan; (2) oversee an annual audit; and (3) prepare an annual report describing how funds were spent.

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Members shall be County residents who are neither elected officials of any government, nor employees from any agency or organization that either oversees or benefits from the tax receipts. Two members shall be members of the Marin County Parks and Open Space Commission. One member shall represent Marin County's agricultural community and be knowledgeable of agricultural conservation easements as a method of farmland preservation. Four members shall possess working knowledge in subject areas and disciplines beneficial to the work of the committee, such as financial management and reporting, public agency administration, and the provision of public park and open space services.

Term Length

2 years, except 1 year initial appointment for the agricultural and Parks and Open Space Commission members. All subsequent terms will be for 2 years.

Number of Members

Seven members.

Reimbursements For Expenses/Per Diem

All members shall serve without compensation.

Time and Day of Meetings

Regular meetings will be held generally on the second Thursday of February and November, during regular business hours, beginning in February 2014. Additional meetings may be scheduled as needed.

How to Apply

PLEASE NOTE: Applications will be accepted between December 3 and December 30, 2013. Applications will be available from the Clerk of the Board of Supervisors, Room 329, Administration Building, Marin Civic Center (415-473-7331), or access the Application (opens new window) online.

Members of this Commission

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