Marin County Property Tax Exemptions

If you meet certain requirements involving age, income and/or residency or you own a contiguous or low value parcel, please search by parcel number or fund number to learn more about potential exemptions for your property.

Other types of property tax exemptions can be found on the Assessor’s website exemptions page.

There are multiple steps you need to take to determine if you are eligible for these tax exemptions:

  1. Use the search below to find the taxing agencies on your property tax bill which offer exemptions.
  2. Contact the taxing agency directly either by a phone call, an email or a visit to the agency's website.

Some of the taxing agencies' exemption forms are available in the search results below, some have the form on their website, and some require that you call or email the individual taxing agency to request a form.

The County of Marin Department of Finance relies on the information from the individual taxing agencies to create this list. Please see the contact information listed below or on your tax bill for the phone numbers to call individual taxing agencies with questions regarding specific exemptions.

The County of Marin Department of Finance makes every effort to share all pertinent parcel tax exemption information with the public. If you have questions about the following information, please contact the Property Tax Division at (415) 473-6168.

2 Ways to Search

1. By Your Assessor Parcel Number (APN)

Enter the APN from your tax bill in the box below to search for the parcel taxes specific to your parcel number for which you are not already taking an exemption.

(format: 999-999-99):

2. By Cross Referencing Fund Numbers

You can cross reference the fund numbers (these identify the taxing agency) on your tax bill with a list of parcel taxes in Marin County where the agency may offer an exemption.

The forms that require annual renewal can be found on Property Tax website. Please look in Annual Income Base Exemption Application panel.

Search Results

Below is a list of parcel taxing agencies in Marin County for the 2023 - 2024 tax year:

Fund# Agency/Fund Title Phone Email Exempt Possible*
109275 STRAWBERRY REC-ZONE IV B-8/2013 415-383-6494 NO
109215 TOMALES VILLAGE CSD 707-878-2767 NO
109285 1915 PROP.ASSESSED CLEAN ENERGY(PACE) 800-969-4382 NO
109286 1915 CA HERO PROG."WRCOG" 800-969-4382 NO
109299 1915 OPENPACE/PACE FUNDING GROUP ("PFG") 800-969-4382 NO
109301 1915 OPENPACE/ENERGY EFFICIENT EQUITY ("E3") 800-969-4382 NO
109304 1915 CSCDA HERO PROGRAM 800-969-4382 NO
109256 1915 MAINT-E. SHORE WASTEWATER 415-473-7146 NO
109281 1915 MAINTENANCE_MARSHAL#2 415-473-7146 NO
* Eligibility must be met. Submit by deadline on the form.