District 1 Appointments to Boards and Commissions

Board/CommissionCurrent MemberExpirationLast AppointedAppt. ByDesignationTerm
Airport Land Use Commission Richard Nave 11/30/202211/30/2018BOSAt-Large4 Years
Alcohol and Drug Advisory Board Ruby Gibney 06/11/202206/11/2019BOSAt-Large3 Years
Assessment Appeals Board #1 Dirck Brinckerhoff 09/01/202308/25/2020BOSBOS Appointee3 Years
Assessment Appeals Board #2 Thomas Weathers 09/05/202201/12/2021BOSBOS Appointee3 Years
Building Board of Appeals Bruce King 03/01/202103/07/2017BOSProfessional Engineer4 Years
Child Care Commission Carol Barton 10/31/202110/31/2019SUPT.SUPT-Comm.2 Years
Child Care Commission Jason Lau 10/31/202212/08/2020BOSBOS-Consumer2 Years
Child Care Commission Elaini Negussie 10/31/202110/31/2019BOSBOS-Pub. Ag.2 Years
Child Care Commission Baldemar Ruppert 10/31/202105/21/2019SUPTSUPT-Comm.2 Years
Civic Center Conservancy Sandra Fawn 12/13/202008/26/2018Cons. Bd.Cons. Bd. Appointee2 Years
Civic Center Conservancy June Miller 04/24/202101/28/2019Cons. Bd.Cons. Bd. Appointee2 Years
Commission on Aging Chrisula Asimos 06/30/202106/30/2018BOSDistrict 13 Years
Commission on Aging Salamah Locks 06/30/202106/30/2018San RafaelCity-Town3 Years
Commission on Aging Diana Lopez 06/30/202306/23/2020BOSDistrict 13 Years
CSA #18 (Las Gallinas) Tim Baker 07/14/202207/14/2020BOSDistrict 12 Years
CSA #18 (Las Gallinas) Olivia Castilo 07/14/202207/14/2020BOSDistrict 12 Years
CSA #18 (Las Gallinas) Gina Hagen 05/21/202105/23/2019BOSDistrict 12 Years
CSA #18 (Las Gallinas) Linda Levey 03/17/202203/17/2020BOSDistrict 12 Years
CSA #18 (Las Gallinas) Ellen Stein 01/14/202201/14/2020BOSDistrict 12 Years
CSA #6 (Gallinas Creek) William Adkison 10/08/202209/30/2019BOSDistrict 13 Years
CSA #6 (Gallinas Creek) Laurence Greenhill 10/08/202210/08/2019BOSDistrict 13 Years
CSA #6 (Gallinas Creek) Ellen Stein 04/13/202404/13/2021BOSDistrict 13 Years
CSA #6 (Gallinas Creek) Rik Super 10/08/202210/08/2019BOSDistrict 13 Years
Cultural Services Commission Ernest Bergman 02/02/202502/02/2021BOSVeterans4 Years
Cultural Services Commission Albert Boro  02/13/2007BOSEmeritus 
Cultural Services Commission Ann Dickson 03/02/202303/02/2021BOSAt-Large2 Years
Cultural Services Commission Christopher Owen 02/05/202302/05/2019BOSDistrict 14 Years
Cultural Services Commission Helen Willms 03/02/202303/02/2021BOSAt-Large2 Years
Disaster Council Michael Grant 08/11/202208/11/2020BOSSchools2 Years
Disaster Council Jay Hubert 03/10/202203/10/2020BOSDistrict 12 Years
Disaster Council Lisa Santora 02/13/202202/11/2020BOSH&HS2 Years
FCZ #6 (Rafael Meadows) Ken Dickinson 10/20/202410/20/2020BOSDistrict 14 Years
FCZ #6 (Rafael Meadows) Marianne Nannestad 10/20/202410/20/2020BOSDistrict 14 Years
FCZ #6 (Rafael Meadows) Wayne Rayburn 10/20/202410/20/2020BOSDistrict 14 Years
FCZ #6 (Rafael Meadows) Stuart Shepherd 10/20/202410/20/2020BOSDistrict 14 Years
FCZ #7 (Santa Venetia) Greg Fox 11/17/202411/17/2020BOSDistrict 14 Years
FCZ #7 (Santa Venetia) Russ Greenfield 12/15/202412/15/2020BOSDistrict 14 Years
FCZ #7 (Santa Venetia) Roger Kirk 11/17/202411/17/2020BOSDistrict 14 Years
FCZ #7 (Santa Venetia) Jeffrey D. Krupnick 11/17/202411/17/2020BOSDistrict 14 Years
Financial Audit Advisory Committee Mary Jane Burke 05/31/202306/02/2020BOSSchools3 Years
First 5 Marin Children and Families Commission Gabrielle Leblanc 05/12/202205/12/2020BOSAt-Large2 Years
First 5 Marin Children and Families Commission Lucia Martel Dow 11/03/202211/03/2020BOSAt-Large2 Years
Fish and Wildlife Commission Laurette Rogers 06/30/202201/05/2019BOSConservation3 Years
Golden Gate Bridge District Patricia Garbarino 01/01/202301/05/2021BOSPublic Member2 Years
Hazardous & Solid Waste, JPA (Zero Waste Marin) Sam Jones 12/11/202112/11/2018BOSPublic Member0 Years
Human Rights Commission Joan Hanna 08/01/202303/19/2019BOSAt-Large4 Years
Human Rights Commission Hamaseh Kianfar 08/01/202107/21/2020BOSDistrict 14 Years
Human Rights Commission Matthew White 08/01/202110/10/2017BOSAt-Large4 Years
In-Home Supportive Services Governing Board Maria Garcia 11/20/202105/22/2018BOSConsumer3 Years
In-Home Supportive Services Governing Board Joe O'Hehir 11/20/202111/20/2018BOSAt-Large3 Years
In-Home Supportive Services Governing Board Cynthia Siroky 11/20/202311/17/2020BOSConsumer3 Years
In-Home Supportive Services Governing Board Daniel Vianueva 11/20/202107/31/2018BOSConsumer3 Years
Integrated Pest Management (IPM) Commission Myrto Angela Ashe 03/15/202203/17/2020BOSPublic Health Community2 Years
Integrated Pest Management (IPM) Commission Rika Gopinath 03/15/202203/17/2020BOSAt-Large2 Years
Integrated Pest Management (IPM) Commission Dan Monte 03/15/202303/16/2021BOSDistrict 1 At-Large2 Years
Law Library Board of Trustees Jonathan Frieman 01/31/202202/02/2021BOSBOS Pres. Apptee.1 Years
Library Commission Sally Hauser 06/23/202306/23/2020BOSDistrict 13 Years
Library Commission Margaret Kathrein 06/30/202106/30/2018BOSDistrict 13 Years
Library Commission Linda Ward 06/30/202206/30/2019BOSDistrict 13 Years
MCF Buck Family Fund Board of Trustees Marilee Eckert 10/01/202210/01/2018BOSPoor & Needy4 Years
Mental Health Board David Ruth 11/03/202311/03/2020BOSAt-Large3 Years
Parks & Open Space Commission Pat O'Brien 06/30/202106/30/2019BOSAt-Large2 Years
Personnel Commission James Finkelstein 08/06/202307/21/2019BOSAlternate4 Years
Personnel Commission William Lamb 02/13/202202/13/2018BOSAt-Large4 Years
Planning Commission Don Dickenson 01/31/202302/02/2021BOSAt-Large2 Years
Planning Commission David Paoli 01/31/202301/27/2019BOSDistrict 14 Years
Regional Measure 3 Independent Oversight Committee Kevin Hagerty 07/23/202307/23/2019BOSCounty4 Years
Regional Measure 3 Independent Oversight Committee William McNicholas 07/23/202307/23/2019BOSCounty4 Years
Retirement Board Chris Cooper 10/31/202210/31/2019ElectedElec.Safety, 7th Member3 Years
Retirement Board Dorothy Jones 10/31/202109/01/2016ElectedAlternate, Elec. Retired 8th Member3 Years
Women's Commission Crystal Martinez 06/30/202306/23/2020BOSAt-Large3 Years
Youth Commission Xavier Asprer 06/30/202108/11/2020BOSAt-Large1 Years
Youth Commission Naedy Mendoza Rodriguez 06/30/202108/11/2020BOSAt-Large1 Years
Youth Commission Sarah Mondesir 06/30/202108/11/2020BOSAt-Large1 Years
Youth Commission Jessica Ralh 06/30/202108/11/2020BOSAt-Large1 Years
Youth Commission Alexander Rodriguez 06/30/202108/11/2020BOSAt-Large1 Years

The total number of appointments specific to District 1 as of 5/15/2021 is: 76.