District 2 Appointments to Boards and Commissions

Board/CommissionCurrent MemberExpirationLast AppointedAppt. ByDesignationTerm
Alcohol and Drug Advisory Board Tracy Novick 02/12/202202/12/2019BOSAt-Large3 Years
Assessment Appeals Board #1 Corina Rollins 09/01/202209/01/2019BOSBOS Appointee3 Years
Building Board of Appeals Samantha Sargent 03/01/202103/07/2017BOSLicensed Contractor4 Years
Child Care Commission Tanya Myers 10/31/202010/31/2018BOSBOS-Comm2 Years
Child Care Commission Heidi Tomsky 10/31/202110/31/2019BOSBOS-Provider2 Years
Civic Center Conservancy Joan Brown 06/19/202206/15/2018BOSBOS Appointee4 Years
Civic Center Conservancy Cheryl Lentini 08/25/202408/25/2020BOSBOS Appointee4 Years
Civic Center Conservancy Annette Rose 04/24/202112/31/2018Cons. Bd.Cons. Bd. Appointee2 Years
Commission on Aging Teri Dowling 06/07/202106/30/2018RossCity-Town3 Years
Commission on Aging Julie Hanan Friedman 06/30/202308/19/2020TiburonCity-Town3 Years
Commission on Aging Suellen La Morte 06/30/202307/28/2020San AnselmoCity-Town3 Years
Commission on Aging Wendy Nuessle 06/30/202212/03/2019BOSDistrict 23 Years
Commission on Aging Judith Saffran 06/07/202106/30/2018LarkspurCity-Town3 Years
Commission on Aging Jody Timms 06/30/202106/30/2018FairfaxCity-Town3 Years
Commission on Aging Woody (Sherwood L.) Weingarten 06/30/202110/16/2018BOSDistrict 23 Years
CSA #16 (Greenbrae) David Glenn 09/10/202109/10/2019BOSDistrict 22 Years
CSA #16 (Greenbrae) Ronald Peluso 09/22/202209/22/2020BOSDistrict 22 Years
CSA #16 (Greenbrae) Greg Shaughnessy 09/10/202107/25/2019BOSDistrict 22 Years
CSA #16 (Greenbrae) Jack Valinoti 10/06/202210/06/2020BOSDistrict 22 Years
CSA #16 (Greenbrae) Mark Wittenkeller 09/10/202107/25/2019BOSDistrict 22 Years
Cultural Services Commission Lauren Howard 01/31/202101/31/2017BOSDistrict 24 Years
Disaster Council Joe Chinn 12/17/202112/12/2019BOSMarin Mgrs. Assn.2 Years
Disaster Council Michael McDermott 02/13/202202/11/2020BOSDistrict 22 Years
Disaster Council Catherine Way 01/01/202202/11/2020BOSMCCMC2 Years
FCZ #9 (Corte Madera Creek) Bruce Ackerman  01/15/2020Town of FairfaxFairfax 
FCZ #9 (Corte Madera Creek) Sandra Guldman 03/20/202203/11/2018BOSAt-Large4 Years
FCZ #9 (Corte Madera Creek) Richard Gumbiner 10/16/202209/15/2018BOSAt-Large4 Years
FCZ #9 (Corte Madera Creek) Dan Hillmer  01/15/2020City of LarkspurLarkspur 
FCZ #9 (Corte Madera Creek) Christopher Martin  10/01/2012Town of RossRoss 
FCZ #9 (Corte Madera Creek) John Wright  12/12/2017Town of San AmelmoSan Anselmo 
Financial Audit Advisory Committee Dan Schwarz 05/31/202205/31/2019BOSCity-Town3 Years
First 5 Marin Children and Families Commission Lisa Leavitt 05/21/202105/23/2019BOSAt-Large2 Years
Health Council of Marin Roberta Anthes, Ph.D. 04/30/202305/14/2019BOSConsumer #94 Years
Health Council of Marin Bobby Moske 04/30/202304/23/2019BOSConsumer #84 Years
Health Council of Marin Christopher Murphy 04/30/202208/20/2019BOSProvider # 114 Years
Health Council of Marin Jennifer Rienks 04/30/202407/14/2020BOSProvider #44 Years
Health Council of Marin Virginia Souders-Mason 08/18/202408/18/2020BOSConsumer #34 Years
Housing Authority Commission Rob Simon 09/01/202109/01/2019BOSSenior Tenant2 Years
Human Rights Commission Sean McQuaid 08/01/202102/11/2020BOSDistrict 24 Years
In-Home Supportive Services Governing Board Roger Rose 11/20/202311/17/2020BOSConsumer3 Years
Integrated Pest Management (IPM) Commission Thomas Perry 03/15/202203/17/2020BOSDistrict 2 At-Large2 Years
Integrated Pest Management (IPM) Commission Scott Sherman 03/15/202103/15/2019BOSLicensed pest control op.2 Years
Kentfield Planning Adv. Board Elizabeth Freeman 09/15/202209/15/2020BOSDistrict 22 Years
Kentfield Planning Adv. Board Julie Johnson 09/15/202209/15/2020BOSDistrict 22 Years
Kentfield Planning Adv. Board Ross McKenna 01/29/202101/24/2019BOSDistrict 22 Years
Kentfield Planning Adv. Board Gregory Nelson 06/09/202206/09/2020BOSCollege of Marin2 Years
Kentfield Planning Adv. Board Neil Park 01/29/202101/24/2019BOSDistrict 22 Years
Kentfield Planning Adv. Board Anne Petersen 06/16/202206/16/2020BOSDistrict 22 Years
Kentfield Planning Adv. Board Pamela Bacci Scott 06/16/202206/16/2020BOSDistrict 22 Years
Library Commission Ed Meagher 06/30/202108/22/2017BOSDistrict 23 Years
Library Commission Sue Ream 06/23/202306/23/2020BOSDistrict 23 Years
Library Commission Patricia Anya Schandler 06/30/202206/30/2019BOSDistrict 23 Years
Measure A Community Oversight Committee Daniel Russell 01/28/202101/29/2019BOSAg.2 Years
Mental Health Board Carly Clifford 07/31/202107/31/2018BOSAt-Large3 Years
Personnel Commission Patrice Goldman 11/30/202004/25/2017BOSAt-Large4 Years
Personnel Commission Victoria Harrison 09/13/202009/13/2016BOSAlternate4 Years
Planning Commission Margot Biehle 01/31/202102/14/2017BOSDistrict 24 Years
Women's Commission Laura Anderson 06/30/202306/23/2020BOSDistrict 23 Years
Women's Commission Sally Stocks 06/30/202207/09/2019BOSDistrict 23 Years
Youth Commission Alexandrea Coe 06/30/202108/11/2020BOSAt-Large1 Years
Youth Commission Samantha Gottsegen 06/30/202108/11/2020BOSAt-Large1 Years
Youth Commission Xitlalli Lechuga 06/30/202108/11/2020BOSAt-Large1 Years
Youth Commission Sophie Liu 06/30/202108/11/2020BOSAt-Large1 Years

The total number of appointments specific to District 2 as of 12/2/2020 is: 63.