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App Help

How do I find the location of a particular office?

The Guide is designed to help you navigate within the Civic Center. When you click on one of the buttons, you’ll be given information about that location, its hours of operation, the room and floor where it's located and a map image. Clicking on the map image will bring up a diagram of the floor where the office is located and its location will be shown.

I don’t see what I want, how do I search for it?

The Search box is only available on the home page of the application. However, there is a Search button in the top right-hand corner of every page. Clicking the Search button will automatically take you back to the search box.

How do I get directions to the Civic Center?

Click on the Directions button in the menu to open the Directions page. Click on the map icon to open up Google maps to get directions from your current location.

I’d like to comment on this app. How can I leave feedback for you?

Your comments are always welcome and can be submitted by clicking on the Feeback button in the menu.