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While the datepicker is open, the following keyboard commands are available:

  • PAGE UP: Move to the previous month.
  • PAGE DOWN: Move to the next month.
  • CTRL+PAGE UP: Move to the previous year.
  • CTRL+PAGE DOWN: Move to the next year.
  • CTRL+HOME: Move to the current month. Open the datepicker if closed.
  • CTRL+LEFT: Move to the previous day.
  • CTRL+RIGHT: Move to the next day.
  • CTRL+UP: Move to the previous week.
  • CTRL+DOWN: Move the next week.
  • ENTER: Select the focused date.
  • CTRL+END: Close the datepicker and erase the date.
  • ESCAPE: Close the datepicker without selection.

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Fictitious Business Name renewals cannot be done online.
Please contact the Marin County Clerk via phone at (415) 473-6152 or via email to request a renewal form.

All fields marked with * are required.

Datepicker Keyboard Tips
Enter business name(s), one at a time. Please click the Add FBN button below for each name.

Enter the business address. By law a business address cannot be a PO box or a mailbox service.
Enter an email address if you want to be sent a copy of the application (the address will not be saved).