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Search Assessor Records By Parcel Number

Enter a parcel number (ex: 999-999-99); a minimum of 5 digits is required.

In accordance with laws to protect privacy of elected and appointed officials, we do not allow searches by address or name on our public website (California Public Records Act, Government Code Section 6254.21 [opens a new window]). However, owner information is available in person at our office or by phone at (415) 473-7215.

The contact for this section is the County of Marin Assessor.

Search Assessor Maps By Map Book and Page

Enter the first 3 digits of a parcel number into the Map Book field. You may optionally add the next 2 digits into the Map Page field. Entry of only the Map Book will display the map book index; entry of both fields is required to view a single map book page.

Example: if parcel number = 099-123-45, then the map book = 099, the map page = 12.

The contact for this section is the County of Marin Assessor Mapping Division.

A county-wide map of parcel numbers is available at Assessor Book of Parcel Boundaries (opens a new window).