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Architectural Commission


Architectural Commission
Building & Safety Division
Community Development Agency
(415) 473-6556

Administered By

County of Marin


The Marin County Architectural Commission qualifies and designates locally qualified historical buildings or structures pursuant to Health and Safety Code § 18950, et seq., as well as structures deemed of present or future importance to the history, architecture or culture of Marin County pursuant to Health and Safety Code § 18955 and Chapter 19.23 of Marin County Code.


Two California licensed architects; one California licensed professional engineer; one California licensed contractor; and one member of the general public..

Term Length

4 years

Number of Members

Five members plus the Chief Building Official serving as a non-voting ex-officio member.

Reimbursements For Expenses/Per Diem

Commissioners can be reimbursed for reasonable and necessary mileage and travel expense incurred in the course of duty as authorized by the Human Resources Director, in accordance with laws and regulations pertaining to county officers and employees.

Time and Day of Meetings

Meeting frequency shall be determined by the Commission Chair. Call (415) 473-6556 for additional information.

How to Apply

Applications may be obtained from the Clerk of the Board of Supervisors, Room 329, Administration Building, Marin Civic Center (415-473-7331) or access the Application (opens new window) online.

Members of this Commission

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